Fremont, California is perhaps the most scenic as well as historic cities in California.  Although this underdog of a city does not contain features like serene beaches or massive skyscrapers, there are many sights that are overlooked daily.  These sights are overlooked primarily for their ordinary appearance and the lack of knowledge people have for the given area.  One area in particular, is Niles.

            Niles is pretty much Fremont’s “downtown.”  This community, located around Mission Boulevard, right outside of Union City, used to be like a gold mine for the filmmaking industry.  Niles was the location in which stars such as Charlie Chaplin and Wallace Beery were born.  

            Now, Niles resides as a “Main Street Community.”  To stay true to itself, Niles has preserved its many buildings and the renowned Niles Canyon Railway.  This railroad brings tourists to and from Fremont to Sunol, another small community.  Some people may ask, “What does this old city offer me?”  Even though Niles seems to only compile of old, but beautiful buildings, it has a lot more to offer.  In fact, this community is Fremont’s treasure.  Niles has many small businesses.  Many of these businesses sell antiques: old pictures, silverware, clothing, toys, jewelry, and much more.  There is even a teashop called Thyme for Tea.  If you are interested in movies, Niles also has an old film museum.  When walking through Niles, it is almost like watching a movie that took place in the early 1900’s, except for the fact that everything is in color!

            Other than the antique stores and eateries, Niles consists of communal people. Every years Niles had an Antique show on Niles Boulevard.  The entire street was full of venders selling food, toys, art, cameras, jewelry, and more relics.  It seems as though the entire community used this event to their advantage.  Many residents in the neighborhood hosted their own yard sale.  People even set up their own food stands selling ice cream, snow cones, hot dogs, sodas, and much more!  Aside from the antique show, Niles also has dog shows, car shows, art shows, and wine tasting.

            If you are passing by the Bay Area, this is the place to be.  Niles is a great historical sight.  It is jam-packed with art, antiques, and fun events.  Don’t miss out!